What are the Best Desks for School Classrooms?


What Desks are Best for School Classrooms?

Office Line is a proudly Australian-owned company that has been producing safe, practical, and high-quality classroom, office, and hospitality furniture for over 30 years. Our extensive range of desks, chairs and stools, classroom storage, and other furnishings and accessories can be found in educational and commercial settings right across Australia.

In this blog, we answer one of the most common questions asked about school desks: what desks are best for classrooms in Australia? There is no one size fits all solution but, in our opinion, there are four main things to consider in order to find the best desk for your school: age group, size of the class, availability of space, and the chairs.

Select the Right Desk by Age Requirements

It’s important to know what desk size and height you will need for the age group of your pupils. While no two children are alike, there are some useful guidelines that can help you select the best desks for your classroom. For example, 3- to 4-year-olds are between 930 cm and 1150 cm in height on average and will best suit a desk that has a seat height of 260cm and a table height of 460cm. You can use our online furniture size guide to find the best chair and desk heights by age group.


Consider the Class Size and Activities

If you have a small class size, then you may want to consider larger tables to fill the space or opt for shared table configurations. You may wish to adopt double desks so children can work in pairs or give each student the benefit of space and their own workstation complete with tray storage. In contrast, if you have a large classroom, then you may need to consider how to best optimise table space, such as double desks with trays underneath, or collaborative tables for working in groups.


Evaluate How Much Space is Available

Not only do you need to consider how much desk space you need for the number of students, but you also have to consider how much space is available in the room. Even the best desks are not suitable if they make the room cramped; the solution may not be less desks but a different type of desk shape! Equilateral triangles work well when space is limited, like our Collaborative Tri Tables.


Make Sure Chairs Fit Comfortably into Desks

Last but not least, make sure your chairs fit into whatever desk you choose, otherwise your tables will not be as comfortable or functional as they could be! Office Line can supply your school with school chairs and stools so you have the perfect desk and chair setup in your classroom.


Why Choose Office Line?

With over 30 years’ experience delivering high-quality classroom furnishings, the team at Office Line has extensive knowledge of the education sector. We understand the important role that classroom furniture plays in any educational endeavour, and we pride ourselves on delivering professional, personalised products and solutions.


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