Gratnells Tray Storage

Ergonomic and Functional Classroom Storage in Australia

Classrooms, especially those in kindergarten and primary schools, often become cluttered and disorganised. It is important to invest in school storage trays that help keep your classroom organised and your students’ belongings safe.

Here at Office Line, we work hard to ensure that our products enhance the classroom learning experience. We understand the specific needs of the educational sector, and we tailor our products and services to fulfil these requirements. For over three decades, quality has remained our number one priority.

We select our range of classroom storage units by working with established and world-renowned brands. We adhere to established Australian safety standards and subject our products to rigorous testing. Our school furniture delivers exceptionally in aspects of environmental friendliness, ergonomics, and durability.  

Classroom storage with style.

For over 40 years, family-run UK company Gratnells has been the leading name in storage in over 68 countries. Their award-winning educational trays are famous for their quality, safety, strength and durability. Made from recyclable polypropylene, their trademark Gratnells trays come in four different heights and a whole spectrum of colours. Last year, they sold over three million and can be found here at Office Line.

Functional and fun, Gratnells’ classroom storage products for nursery and primary school feature vivid colours that can brighten up any classroom and playroom. The trays are deep and robust to hold plenty of toys, art supplies and educational materials.

Gratnells also offers a diverse range of frames, lids, trolleys and inserts to match their trays. You can use these accessories and add-ons to customise your school storage system for kindergarten’s toys, to primary school’s books to secondary school’s science lab and more.

Through its stylish, durable and intelligently designed products, Gratnells aims to help the education sector turn outmoded classroom models into organised and inspiring learning environments.

Office Line enjoys a close partnership with Gratnells, and we distribute the brand’s sustainable mobile tray storage units across Australia. Our Gratnells storage trays are designed to handle classroom equipment and children's belongings securely. They are accessible and easy to reach. They are also capable of withstanding chaotic classroom environments, thanks to their sturdy tray casings made of recyclable polypropylene.

It is crucial to invest in quality school furniture, to enhance your students’ learning experience and their wellbeing. Work with Office Line and transform your classroom today.

Gratnells Tray Storage

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