Gratnells STEAM Treble Trolley 

Product Description

Embrace the mobility and versatility of the Callero Plus STEAM Trolleys - your strong and portable workstation. Available in treble column widths with optional STEAM side panels. These trolleys are engineered to meet the needs of modern learning, providing a secure, adaptable, and fully mobile solution for every learning environment. 


  • Available in treble column widths, offering an extensive working space.
  • Robust 75mm lockable castors ensuring mobility and security.
  • Ergonomically designed rounded handles, enabling comfortable and easy movement.
  • Powder-coated structure, providing long life and durability.
  • Two size variations with minimal footprints, optimizing space.
  • Adjustable runners, allowing compatibility with different tray sizes.
  • Optional STEAM side panels, facilitating subject-specific organization.
  • StopSafe runners included for an additional layer of safety.


  • Column Width: Treble
  • Mobility: 75mm lockable castors
  • Handle Design: Rounded, Ergonomically Designed
  • Finish: Powder Coated
  • Tray Compatibility: Adjustable Runners for Different Tray Sizes
  • Additional Safety: StopSafe runners
  • Optional: STEAM Side Panels
  • Included: MSACC Fixing Pack (5 single hooks, 5 double hooks, 12 bins)


Trolley Options