Soft Furnishings in the workplace can stimulate collaboration, communication, concentration or chill out zones. Our soft seating range offers a variety of designs that are able to withstand the rigours of daily use.  Customise your furniture with the many upholstery options in a range commercial grade fabrics to suit any space. Our range of complementary furnishings and product families makes it easy to create a unified and functional ensembles through out offices, administration areas, receptions and commercial spaces.

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What factors are to be considered while choosing office furniture?

When choosing office furniture, several factors should be considered:

  • Make sure to account for any existing architectural details in the room, like windows or doorways, that can affect the placement of furniture. 
  • Think about how many people will use the space and what kind of furniture will be needed to accommodate them. Depending on the type of workspace, you may need different types of furniture, such as desks and office lounge chairs for individual workers or tables and lounge sofas for larger groups. 
  • Consider the function of the workspace and what kind of activities will take place there. Are people sitting at desks most of the time? Is there a need for a place to meet and discuss projects?
  • Give thought to the aesthetic of the space. What kind of look or feel do you want to create in your office? Choose furniture that best fits the atmosphere you’re aiming for, and make sure it is comfortable as well. You can learn more about designing and colouring your office space with Office Line’s comprehensive furniture guide.
  • Finally, consider your budget and choose office furniture that meets both your needs without breaking the bank. 

Getting the right office furniture can be a challenge, but with Office Line and our range of office and school furniture, creating a creative and collaborative space has never been easier. 

What type of soft furniture works well in offices?

Soft furniture, such as office lounge chairs, can be incredibly beneficial for offices, providing both comfort and functionality. Office Line goes the extra mile by providing all an office needs in its furnishings — our range of soft office furniture options includes sofas, armchairs, lounge chairs, ottomans and more. 

What fabric is good for soft office furniture?

When choosing the fabric for your soft office furniture, it is important to consider durability. For high-traffic areas, such as reception or waiting areas, choose fabrics that are easy to clean and maintain. For private offices, you can select fabrics that are softer in texture or more luxurious for a more relaxing atmosphere. 

How does furniture affect the work environment?

Furniture plays an important role in creating the right work environment. The right furniture can make a space more comfortable and inviting, which encourages collaboration and productivity. Additionally, ergonomic furniture can help reduce physical strain on employees while they work. 

How does office furniture affect employee productivity?

Having the right office furniture can have a direct impact on employee productivity. Whether you’re choosing between sofas or lounge chairs, ottomans or armchairs, well-designed, ergonomic furniture can help improve posture and reduce physical strain, allowing employees to work with greater efficiency. Additionally, properly designed furniture can help maximise the workspace and provide more space for collaboration.

If you have more questions about how soft office furniture can benefit your space or simply need help picking the perfect piece in our expansive range, feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate you!