Australian Aboriginal Collections


Embrace a riveting fusion of culture, design, and artistry. It's time to introduce the captivating heritage of Aboriginal culture into your projects. We're filled with immense pride to collaborate with Helena Geier and Rosie Paine, two gifted Aboriginal artists from New South Wales and Western Australia.


Their unique styles and expressive narratives find a new canvas on fabrics that beautifully blend with our Soft Furnishing Pieces. Each pattern and each draw is a testament to their rich Aboriginal ancestry, adding an enchanting, culturally-rich dimension to the final products.


It's not just about filling a room with furniture; it's about filling a space with stories, heritage, and a connection that resonates with everyone. Join us in celebrating the power of Aboriginal artistry, and let's create environments that educate, inspire, and promote conversations through every single piece. It's more than just furniture; it symbolises unity, respect, and shared cultural appreciation.


We know it can be hard to imagine how these beautifully crafted fabrics would look on furniture. So, we've put together a selection of our products to show off their colourful designs. We hope this helps you add a splash of creativity and inspiration to your spaces. So get inspired, envision the possibilities, and let's shape the future of furniture together.








Eduflex Round Ottoman












Remember that any of our Soft Furnishing pieces can be customised with your favourite Aboriginal fabrics. You can have a look at all the fabric options in our Fabrics Brochure