Introducing our Australian Indigenous Fabrics


We are proud to work with Australian Aboriginal artists who have created beautiful designs inspired by our history, environment and culture. The diversity of our country is something that inspires people to create wonderful works of art.


The Aboriginal fabrics in this collection are a great way to celebrate the Indigenous culture. They are also an excellent way to show respect for these wonderful people. We hope  these fabrics will help Australians understand the importance of protecting our precious heritage and culture by supporting local Indigenous artists.


In designing the collections, we worked with two local artists to achieve this; Rosie Paine from Western Australia and Helena Geiger from New South Wales. They both have had hugely successful careers in their respective fields, using different mediums and techniques to explore the diversity of Aboriginal art today. 


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We are proud to work with artists like Rosie and Helena to create these unique and beautiful fabrics for you.The diversity of our country is beautiful and inspires people to create wonderful works of art. We hope that you will enjoy finding your own piece of Australia in our range.

There are so many styles of Australian Aboriginal art that it can be difficult for someone unfamiliar to know where to start their search. Luckily, we have everything you need in one place!



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