Office Line is a leading supplier of whiteboards, pinboards and screening in Australia. We deliver a range of stylish, versatile products to suit a variety of applications, including schools and offices. Our products include fixed and mobile whiteboards, mobile whiteboards with storage, office and school pinboards, acoustic screening solutions, wall-fixed year planners, and magnetic glass boards. They are highly adjustable and designed to integrate into your school or office smoothly.  We can do whiteboard surfaces on any of our melamine desks and tables or put pinboard/whiteboard backs on your mobile storage units for maximum adaptability

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Are the magnetic glassboards easy to install?

Yes, all of our magnetic glassboards and whiteboards are easy to install. No matter the size you choose, all of our glassboards and whiteboards are highly adjustable and designed to easily integrate into your classroom or office environment.

Rest assured that our magnetic glassboards will meet your expectations. At Office Line, we only supply furniture that always gets top marks for environmental performance, strength, durability and ergonomics.

Do you offer installation services?

Yes, we offer installation services for every item featured in our collections. Whether you’re shopping for one of our educational storage pieces or educational whiteboards in Australia, we can help you install and set up your classroom or office spaces for maximum functionality and productivity.

Our team never drops and runs — we’ll deliver your order exactly where it’s needed, unpack and install it for you. Don’t worry; we also make sure to clean up before we go, leaving behind your new magnetic glassboards and other furnishings ready for school or work.

What is your return and warranty policy?

  • Claims concerning the quantity or quality of goods or services must be lodged within seven days of the invoice date linked to the relevant transaction. 
  • The return of goods requires prior authorisation from Office Line and is contingent upon the goods being returned in their original state and sequence of delivery. Please note that a restocking fee will be applicable to all returns, and any associated delivery or installation charges are non-refundable.
  • Custom-made goods are ineligible for refunds. In terms of liability, Office Line's responsibility is limited to repairing or replacing a product covered by a warranty claim, as determined at its discretion.
  • Office Line offers a conditional warranty on its products against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, beginning from the date of invoice and aligned with the manufacturer's specified duration.

Are these products suitable for open office layouts?

Yes, our magnetic glassboards, whiteboards, projection screens and acoustic screens can all be installed effectively and seamlessly in offices with open layouts. Besides supplying you with our excellent selection of office and school furniture, Office Line can also help you with fit-outs.

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