Seating & Soft Furnishings Brochure

Perfect for any seat of learning

We spend a lot of time sitting. In fact, it’s estimated the average student or office worker spends around six to eight hours a day seated. So it’s important that chairs, stools, sofas and soft furnishings are not only comfortable, but also able to withstand the rigours of daily classroom or commercial use. At Office Line, we’ve created a new Seating and Soft Furnishings Range which covers everything from basic and practical stackable chairs through to the latest in leather office chairs and designer soft furnishings. So whether you need seating for a classroom, office, auditorium or commercial space, we’re bound to have something that will sit perfectly

Download our exciting Seating & Soft Furnishings brochure below:


Office Line Seating & Soft Furnishings Teaser