Classroom Furniture Buying Guide


Ensuring a comfortable learning environment is key in providing a proper education. When students and teachers are being considered, the culture thrives. With innovative pieces for any situation, Office Line has your classroom furniture needs covered. 

What you Need for Your Classroom 

Every classroom is unique, but each environment requires a few key elements to ensure it runs smoothly. Office Line offers a unique collection of shapes, sizes, designs and colours to suit any space and aesthetic. After assessing the size and requirements of your space, the items you need to consider for a fully equipped classroom include:


 Traditional styles, upholstered, pod chairs, computer chairs, floor chairs,   draftsman chairs, stools and swivel chairs.
  • Student desks
    Traditional shapes, collaborative sizes, single sizes, half-moon tables and semi-circle desks. 
  • Teachers furniture
    Mobile hubs, height adjustable designs and traditional styles. 
  • Storage
    Cabinets, cupboards, displays, trolleys, islands, bookcases, charging stations, cube storage, drawers, trays and accessories.
  • Soft Furnishings
    Lounges, ottomans, couches, beanbags, chairs, cushions, cubbies, blocks and mats. 
  • Whiteboards, Pinboards, Screening
    Magnetic, glassboards, pinboards, fixed, mobile, pivot, planners, noticeboards, projection screens, easels, panelling and safescreens. 

Comfortable Classroom Chairs & Desks 

Our expertly curated assortment of furniture is designed to be comfortable, safe and productive, in any environment. With a range of ages and abilities, the diversity of different students needs to be considered. With a wide variety of chairs, desks, furnishings and accessories for teachers and students, there is something for every classroom.  

Office Line knows students spend a tonne of time in the classroom, that’s why we boast our high quality, ergonomically designed chairs and desks. Designed to improve learning and attention, our pieces assist in relieving the physical and mental strain of sitting for hours. 

Our collection of desks and chairs can be situated to suit any habitat. Encouraging good posture and improved learning through comfortability, you can be sure your students and teachers are in safe hands. 



Durable & Stimulating Collaborative Spaces 

Easy to integrate, our collection of soft furnishings and collaborative spaces are an ideal way to increase productivity and stimulation. 

Relaxation areas are suitable for an array of environments including universities and kindergartens. Our pieces are comfortable, colourful, textural, engaging and sometimes fun! Using environmentally responsible materials, our robust designs are made to endure destruction to a high degree.


Utilising Storage in the Classroom 

Whether it’s an art room, kindergarten or university environment, storage is a key element to factor in. Office Line’s range of durable and robust storage solutions offer space for filing, activity items, students’ belongings, spare equipment and more. We understand that each classroom requires different capacities, that’s why our options are extensive. 

Why Choose Office Line? 

With over 30 years’ experience delivering high-quality classroom furnishings, the team at Office Line understands on a deep level the needs of the education sector. We know the importance of the learning environment to the success of any educational endeavour, and we pride ourselves on delivering a professional, personalised service.

Contact Us Today 

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  • Ammad Khan