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At Office Line, quality is our number one priority. With over three decades of experience in the industry, we have grown familiar with the specific requirements of our clients and tailor our offerings to fulfil these needs. We ensure our target sectors receive exceptional service and quality by partnering with leading manufacturers and suppliers. This is how we know we are providing the best furniture for schools, offices, and the hospitality sector.

Sleek, Modern Whiteboards and Pinboards for Offices and Classrooms

Whiteboards are some of the most commonly used fixtures in classrooms and offices. In spite of the growing access to high-tech aids, whiteboards remain a vital medium by which people communicate, collaborate, and impart meaningful information.

Office Line is a leading whiteboard supplier in Australia. We deliver a range of stylish, versatile whiteboards and pinboards for a variety of applications, including schools and offices. Our products include fixed and mobile whiteboards, mobile whiteboards with storage, office and school pinboards, wall-fixed year planners, and magnetic glass boards. They are highly adjustable and designed to integrate into your school or office smoothly.

Office Line aims to enhance the classroom and office environment through a quality line of office and classroom whiteboards. Contact us today and we’ll work with you to transform your workplace.

Furniture that changes with you.

We have a broad range of contemporary school and office furniture that’s extremely versatile, allowing you to create multiple configurations to suit most general office and classroom layouts.

Our quality-crafted office and classroom whiteboards, pinboards and visuals are easily adaptable and infinitely flexible making them perfect for the modern office and classroom where constant change and the increased use of technology means furniture has to be regularly reconfigured and repurposed.

We can do whiteboard surfaces on any of our melamine furniture, desks and tables. 

Call us today on 1800 333 116 or send us an email at info@officeline.com.au to learn more about our furniture for school libraries.

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