Student Chairs

Meeting the Specialised Demands for Classroom Chairs in Australia

At Office Line, we put a premium on helping the education sector provide its students with the best classroom chairs in Australia. Students spend most of their time in the classroom, requiring schools to invest in ergonomic furniture that will make classrooms an interesting and comfortable place for teaching and learning. We meet the market’s demands by supplying exceptionally high quality ergonomic student chairs to Australian schools. Our collection includes pod chairs, floor chairs, draftsman chairs, stools and swivel chairs. All of them are designed to improve learning by helping to relieve students from the physical and mental strain of sitting for extended periods of time.

Top-of-the-Line and Ergonomic Classroom Chairs and Stools

Comfortable and functional educational furniture is at the core of our business. We select chairs that are ideal for various academic settings, including computer chairs for tech labs, drafting chairs for architectural institutions as well as linking chairs for auditoriums. Office Line is one of Australia’s most notable school chair suppliers — you’re sure to find a design that is perfect for your institution.

One of our most popular student chairs is the EN chair from Spaceforme. It’s made in the UK and over a million units have been sold throughout Europe. It’s elegantly designed to look good in any environment, ergonomically shaped to encourage good posture and increased attention, and is made with environmentally responsible materials. Chairs for schools are known to have an impact on the health of students so we make sure we only have the best in our range.

A Broad Variety of Choices

Along with the EN Chair range, here at Office Line, you will also find a multitude of different student chairs that are available as stackable one-piece units, or with a range of traditional metal legs and base options that are superbly built and seriously robust to meet the tough challenges of any classroom. Chairs with upholstered seats are also available in our collection for maximum comfort in the educational environment. Whatever your vision is, our school furniture can help you fulfill it.

Browse through our range of school chairs below and enhance your student’s learning experience today.

School Chairs for Students

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