EN Floor Chair: The Award-winning Classroom Floor Chair

Product Description
New product

Introducing the new and highly innovative classroom floor chair, the EN Floor Chair, winner of the prestigious GESS Education Awards. Sitting on the floor has never been a perfect sitting position.

Uncomfortable, bad posture, no back support, no relaxation. Our main aim is to aid all these problems in this one chair.

​It provides all the benefits of our EN Classic chair without the legs!  Yes you have bean bags, mats, cushions etc but none of these give you a stable sitting position. Teachers have commented that this classroom floor chair with back support actually encouraged them to sit on the floor during carpet activities, providing better interaction with the children on their level.

​Carpet time in education, outdoor activities, working tradesman and general use. Its a multipurpose chair that provides a better comfortable sitting position. Raising the seat off the ground prevents fingers getting caught when moving in the chair. The uses for the floor chair are endless.

Children with learning difficulties such as autism, need to feel that they have have contact with an item. Feedback from teachers in the educational industry have confirmed to us that it has enabled them to improve concentration and security for the children.

​During recent trade shows the floor chair with back support has been very well received with a wide range of educational, business and commercial businesses. 


GESS Education Awards Winners 2018 - Innovative Product



  • Ergonomically designed chair
  • Streamline design – from a single material – thus the EN name
  • Lightweight and strong –  polypropylene ensures greater strength and durability, with lighter weight
  • Sustainable materials – uses less materials than any other chair in its class. Manufactured from fully recyclable materials
  • Space saving stack-ability – the chair stacks easily for efficient storage
  • Available in 16 Colours
  • Carrier unit available


  • Seat height - 15mm
  • Overall height - 450mm
  • Seat depth - 563mm
  • Seat width - 405mm
  • Overall width - 440mm



  • 15 Year Warranty


What teachers are saying:

“Great back support, encouraged children to sit straighter and more comfortably”

“An alternative to traditional chairs for children to sit on during relaxed times and learning”

“Encouraged the to sit on the carpet with their children during carpet activities”

“Staff shared the opinion that they hadn’t seen anything like it before, and it was a great new idea”