Five Reasons to Refurbish Your Office


At Office Line, we’ve built a reputation over the last 30 years for providing innovative, high-quality fittings and furnishings for academic settings. But our range includes much more than classroom fittings; we also offer a great variety of office and hospitality furniture, and its office furniture we’d like to focus on today. Although it’s probably not high on your list of priorities as a business owner, having the right office set up can make a huge difference to multiple areas of your business. In this blog, we offer five reasons why office furniture is so important and how to choose the right fittings and furnishings for yours.

Inspire Confidence in Your Clients

Even if you’re not really a customer-facing operation, for the vast majority of businesses, your office will not be totally sealed off from the world. Clients and potential partners, for example, will often want to come and see how things are done on the ground before going into business with you or at any stage along the way. If your workspace looks like a shambles, most of your visitors will head for the door pretty quickly.

Keep Your Employees Comfortable and Happy

Your office fit-out might not be the first thing on your mind when you’re trying to run your business, but it will be front-and-centre in the thoughts of your team. An uncomfortable chair or unworkable desk configuration can make the difference between a pleasant, versatile, efficient workspace and one they dread coming to work at every day. Giving your employees good-quality, ergonomic office furniture shows them that they are valued, and it can even instil a greater sense of pride in your business and the work they do for it.

Clean Workplaces Are Safe Workplaces

As a business owner, occupational health and safety should be one of your chief concerns. Having clean, high-quality furniture and fittings isn’t just a question of aesthetics; out of date chairs and teetering shelves can pose safety risks. Falls and collisions are the most obvious example, but repetitive stress injuries from out-of-date or poor-quality office equipment are also a regular occurrence. Failing to replace your office fittings once they’re out of date can seriously endanger your staff and anyone else who comes into your office. Even if no major accidents occur, you could still find yourself in hot water, facing massive fines and other punitive measures if a health and safety inspector deems your place of work not up to scratch. 

Boost Productivity

Not only will a new office fit out make your employees happier and more comfortable, it can have a huge impact on productivity. Set your space up to serve the needs of your business. Do team members need to communicate with one another regularly, or is it more important that they have private space to focus on their own work? Will the setup be fixed or flexible? These are the kinds of things you should be considering when planning your office makeover.

Incorporate New Technology

New technological innovations are happening all the time, so set your office up to make the most of them! Whether it’s an interactive screen or iPad charging port, these things were designed to make your job easier.

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  • Ammad Khan