Office and Administration Furniture by Office Line

As a leading office furniture supplier, Office Line prides itself in offering an extensive collection of office chairs, workstations, tables, filing cabinets, screening, acoustic panels and soft furnishings. Our furniture combines high functionality and excellent ergonomics.

Office Chairs

Procure quality office chairs for your business that are comfortable, functional and at the right price point. Get the right office chair and enjoy these benefits:  

  • Experience less fatigue
  • Avoid back pain
  • Reduce pain or stress on other parts of the body
  • Better productivity

Workstations & Tables

Office interiors vary from classic, timeless designs to sleek, modern workspaces. Whether it’s a single piece of furniture or a complete fit-out, we have many and diverse table and workstation options to go with your interior design.

At Office Line, all the workstations and tables we offer are high quality. With some pieces being adjustable and modular, it’s easy to create the right work environment for the comfort and productivity of your employees. 

Filing & Storage Solutions

Even in the digital age, it’s difficult to go completely without documents. You’ll still need printouts, reports, files and other documents and these will need storing in easily-accessible storage. What you don’t need is the clutter. Our filing and storage solutions can store important files and documents without taking much of your valuable office space. They can be arranged in different configurations to fit most office layouts. 

Office Line offers a wide, budget-friendly range of contemporary filing and storage pieces. Choose from quality cupboards, filing cabinets, shelving and archiving solutions. 

Soft Furnishings

Get the best options for your reception area, library and breakout rooms with our soft furnishings. These contemporary pieces are also perfect for open-plan offices and collaborative spaces. Choose from chic modern lounges, Ottomans, beanbags, soft chairs and more, to make office gatherings and team building activities more enjoyable.

Screening & Acoustic Panels

Some of your employees may prefer and need quiet when working, or privacy when working on sensitive documents. Choose from our range of screening and acoustic panels to give them their privacy.

Our durable sound-dampening screens and panels are cheaper, smarter options. You don’t have to change entire office layouts or install unsightly partitions that ruin your open-plan office concept.

Why Choose Office Line?

Since 1988, Office Line has assisted clients in creating productive, comfortable workplaces within budget. We are a family-owned business and a leading supplier of office furniture, carrying only high quality, environmentally-friendly and durable brands.

Office Line keeps many pieces in stock to fulfil large orders on short notice. If you want a specific piece that isn’t in our catalogue, we will get it for you at a reasonable price.  

Our team will work with you on-site to plan the layout, maximise your space and suggest products that fit your vision. Once you approve our fully-costed proposal, we can source and install your furniture.

Complete your office design with us and call 1800-333-116 or email

Office and Administration Furniture by Office Line

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