Landscape Table

Product Description

Introducing the Landscape Table, a versatile and stylish addition to your office or Learning space. Crafted with precision and designed to complement any existing setting, these tables offer a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Choose from five different sizes to suit your needs, and enjoy the contemporary elegance that the Landscape Table brings to any environment.


  1. Size Variety: The Landscape Table comes in five sizes, catering to different spatial requirements – from the compact 1500mm option to the expansive 3200mm for collaborative workspaces.

  2. Perfect Pairing: Specifically designed to match with the Eternity Workstation range, creating a cohesive and coordinated look in your workspace.

  3. Dual Elegance: Select the base colour that suits your style – available in classic Black or pristine White, providing a sophisticated foundation for your workspace.


Rectangular Table 

  • 1500mm Table, Width: 750mm & Height: 730mm
  • 1800mm Tables:
    • Width: 750mm & Height: 730mm
    • Width: 900mm & Height: 730mm
  • 2400mm Table, Width: 1200mm & Height: 730mm
  • 3200mm Table, Width: 1200mm & Height: 730mm

Square Table: 

  • 900mm x 900mm & Height: 730mm

Round Table:

  • 1200 Diam. 
  • 900 Diam. 



        Frame Colour
        Top Colour