Elevation Teachers Desk

Product Description
The Elevation Teacher's Desk sets a new standard for ergonomic brilliance, meticulously tailored to elevate teaching efficiency and comfort. Specially created to cater to the unique needs of teachers, this desk boasts a sophisticated and adaptable design that seamlessly blends into any educational environment.

  • Ergonomic: Prioritize teacher's well-being, creating a comfortable and healthy environment that enhances focus and productivity.

  • Seamless Height Adjustment: Thanks to the user-friendly gas spring height adjustment mechanism, teachers can effortlessly modify the desk's height, helping them to find the perfect posture.

  • Storage Option: The desk offers an  storage compartment specially designed for laptops, ensuring that essential teaching devices are secure and organized.

  • Durability: The combination of MDF desktop and a robust steel frame ensures the desk can withstand the demands of daily teaching life, providing educators with a reliable and enduring workspace.

  • Fluid Mobility: The desk's strategically placed wheels, complete with brakes, offer great mobility, allowing for dynamic teaching methods and fostering student engagement.


  • Height Adjustment: Gas Spring
  • Desktop Material: MDF
  • Desktop Dimension: 700mm x 600 mm
  • Height Range: 700 mm to 1130 mm
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Mobility: 4 wheels (2 with brakes)
  • Option: Storage for laptop.
  • Warranty: 2 years