The Award-Winning EN Floor Chair for Modern Facilities


Maintaining good posture is not only beneficial to health, but it also aids in sustaining focus and concentration in class. Educational institutions are placing more emphasis on chair ergonomics as part of the thrust to promote good posture among students.

Health and Posture Issues with Regular Chairs

Past research has revealed that the human body is not built for sitting in chairs. In fact, the widespread use of chairs only happened around 200 years ago; and in some countries, sitting on the floor is still the norm.

This shows the importance of chairs to be built ergonomically. Ergonomic chairs reduce muscle and joint strain that can lead to serious wear and tear. More importantly, it reduces the risk of chronic lower back muscle strain and axial back pain.

Ensuring Back Support with Floor Chairs

Ergonomic floor chairs are one way to address the problems associated with sitting in regular chairs. This special type of chair allows people to sit naturally on the floor while receiving necessary back support, even when they lean back and relax.

Floor chairs are built to be flexible so you will not have to worry about tipping over when you lean against your seat. They also need to be durable and well-designed. Since they are in constant contact with the floor, floor chairs must be scratch-resistant and should not damage your flooring.

Award-Winning Floor Chair for Modern Facilities

Office Line proudly presents the EN Floor chair, one of the newest additions to the EN range of chairs in our catalogue. Ideal for modern school and office facilities, the EN Floor chair is constructed to a high specification that meets ergonomic requirements.

Made from polypropylene, the EN Floor chair is durable yet lightweight. Its composition is also fully recyclable, which is ideal for clients who are looking for sustainable furniture. The EN Floor chair comes in 16 colours, offering a wide variety that will match the interiors of your establishment.

The EN Floor chair was recognised by the GESS (Global Educational Supplies and Solutions) Education Awards and won in the Innovative Product — Floor Chair category.

The annual awarding ceremony highlights and celebrates high-quality and innovative contributions to the education sector, with the objective to raise the standards for educational products and services.

High-Quality Products from Trusted Brands

Since our launch in 1988, Office Line has been steadfast in its commitment to providing high-quality classroom and office furniture sourced from trusted brands in the industry.

Our catalogue includes the EN brand of chairs that we displayed at the National Future Schools Conference and Exhibition in March 2018. We were excited to introduce this range of classroom chairs as an innovative, ergonomic and eco-friendly option.

We have more creative and functional solutions for your school and office needs. Based in Perth, we extend our services to Western Australia and other areas in the country. We offer fast delivery for all orders and assist in setting up your furniture.

Feel free to browse the comprehensive range of products in our catalogue. Let us know how we can help you by sending us an e-mail at You may also call us on 1800 333 116.

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