Auditorium Events Furniture

When your organisation or school must host an event, renting a venue is not always practical in terms of cost or location. It may be easier to conduct the event within your property to cut costs and reduce logistical issues. Office Line offers mobile staging solutions so you can set up a full-size performance theatre within your auditorium or property. After the event is done, the theatre can conveniently fold up for storage and is easily deployed—even by one person--for future events.


Whether it’s an awards ceremony, dance contest, symposium, lecture or other important event, Office line has the staging furniture for it. With these products, you can easily transform your multi-purpose room, cafeteria or gymnasium into a temporary event hall.

We have the equipment for staging various events, from interlocking floor tiles for a dance floor to lecterns for seminars. For sit-down events and meals, choose from our modular chairs and tables in various styles and configurations. Office Line likewise supplies safety features like load-bearing stage legs, steps and guardrails. All our staging furniture is of a high quality and can easily be folded up for storage.

Why Choose Office Line?

Since 1988, Office Line has assisted clients to create a productive, comfortable workplace within budget. Our company has branched out to provide other furnishings for other purposes, including staging furniture and equipment. We remain a family-owned business that carries only high quality, environmentally-friendly and durable brands.

Office Line keeps many pieces in stock to fulfil large orders on short notice. If you want a specific piece that isn’t part of our catalogue, we will get it for you at a reasonable price. 

Our team will work with you on-site to plan the layout, maximise your space, and suggest products that fit your event and staging requirements. Once you approve our fully-costed proposal, we can source and deliver your furniture.

Complete your staging design with us and call 1800-333-116 or email

Auditorium Events Furniture

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