SICO Harmony Choral Riser

Product Description

The Harmony Choral Riser is designed to be set-up and taken down by one person resulting in considerable savings in labour and time

  • 3 Tier or 4 Tier Available
  • Each section of Harmony Choral Riser has four wheels for transport and the complete structure is contained in each unit, meaning no parts to carry or add on
  • Attached back-rail included,  which also folds down over the unit to keep steps secure in the transport position
  • Exclusive deck lock allows quick configuration changes to provide for either curved or straight-line set-ups without tools
  • Deck surface covered in heavy duty carpet (Onyx Standard) or Tuff Deck
  • Side Guard Rails Available
  • SICR1 - 3 Tier
  • Width: 1840mm
  • Depth: 1410mm
  • Top Tier Height: 609mm
  • Fits approximately 12x Students shoulder to shoulder
  • SICR2 - 4 Tier
  • Width: 1980mm
  • Depth: 1842mm
  • Top Tier Height: 813mm
  • Fits approximately 16x Students shoulder to shoulder
  • Warranty: 3 Years on Components, Lifetime Warranty on Welds