SICO Insta-Theatre®

Product Description

The SICO Insta-Theatre concept is an innovative, full size performance theatre that folds conveniently into a pocket, or against a wall. Imagine transforming your cafeteria, gymnasium, or multi-purpose room into a professional theatre in minutes

  • Full size performance theatre that can be easily folded to fit against a wall
  • In its folded position, the Insta-Theatre takes as little space as 1400mm in depth.
  • When unfolded, it provides a full, 7391 – 9750mm wide x 4900mm deep performance stage
  • Suitable to use with SICO 1800 Staging, SICO X-Press Staging, SICO Tri Height Staging
  • Can be fitted to new or existing facilities
  • Large range of colours for Curtains and Drapes
  1. Tower Package – 2 rolling support towers and folding Side truss with two 1800mm wide swinging curtain tormentors wings
  2. Beam Package – truss supports lights, front travellers and valance
  3. Lighting Package – premium 12 light system with professional easy-to-operate control panel connected by 15000mm cord to power distribution in left tower
  4. Curtain Package – Bi-parting front house curtains and border set with rigging pulley system, stage masking curtains, top canopy, and Velcro stage skirting drapes
  5. Protective Heavy Vinyl Storage Curtain – on its own track this curtain protects proscenium drapes when Insta-Theatre is in its folded position
  6. Mobile Folding Stages, Guardrails, steps and drapes
  • 3 Year Warranty on Components
  • Lifetime Warranty on Welds
Portable Stage