The importance of office furniture


Regardless of the size of your office space, Office Line provides office storage solutions to suit your business needs. Managing your business’ storage has never been easier with our range of modular and adaptable furniture. Here are four reasons to update your office furniture and see the improvements in your workplace.  

Optimise Your Office Space

Workplace furniture can tend to be oversized and bulking that can be difficult to fit and can make the office seem even smaller than it really is. Optimise the space with our modular and thoughtfully designed pieces to create the optimal storage solutions for your staff without taking up unnecessary space. Our streamlined furniture looks visually appealing to lift the look of your space. Our furniture is available in a wide range of colours, woodgrains and textures for you to choose from. 


Keep Your Office Looking Professional

A messy office gives the impression that your business is disorganised and can deter potential clients and new business for your company. Having an organised space will also help your employees stay motivated, organised and increase productivity throughout the day. Regardless of how much you try to keep the space tidy, it can be difficult if you don’t have the right storage solutions. We have a range of extremely strong and robust under-desk pedestals available. Place one of these under each desk for your employees to store personal belongings, to assist them in keeping your workplace look professional and organised which will leave a good impression to anyone who walks in. 

Increase Your Security At Work

In bigger companies or businesses that run out of a share space, there can be uneasiness when it comes to security. With a range of people coming in and out of your office each day it can be difficult to keep track of work equipment, important documents and employees' personal belongings. Offering reliable storage solutions could save your business by making sure no valuables go missing or get stolen. We offer a range of furniture that comes with built-in locks for the reliability and certainty that you need. 

Hot Desking

Hot desking is becoming more and more popular in workplaces to utilise space. Hot desking is a smart way of working particularly when you also have casual and part-time staff who work on alternative days. This is an excellent way to save space as you don’t need to fill your workplace with extra desks that aren't used every day.

Hot desking is an effective way to run the business if several employees are working on projects together and need to work closely. If you have an office that is set up as a hotdesking space, you need to be mindful of the kinds of storage that will work best. Flexible furniture on wheels that can be moved easily are ideal pieces as they can be moved around depending on where employees sit each day. Our horizon Express Pedestals are tailored in optional configurations that can be changed depending on your preference.

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