The Importance of Choosing Quality Classroom Furniture



School furniture plays an important part in helping your students get into a healthy mindset. Using the right chairs and desks in the classroom supports the physical wellbeing of students through ergonomics and helps students feel comfortable sitting down for long periods. Without the correct school furniture, students will develop bad posture, which has a detrimental effect on their health and learning ability.

Here are three points to consider when selecting reputable, certified classroom furniture:

User Size

When selecting classroom furniture, consider the age and height of your students. If you provide chairs and desks that are either too high or too low, your students won’t be comfortable, resulting in decreased attention spans.

Many schools are using ergonomically-designed furniture to improve a student’s comfort in class. For example, height-adjustable desks are a popular option in modern classrooms, along with gas lift chairs. The polypropylene EN Series chairs are also very popular, as they feature excellent back support and have been certified by major testing organisations including AFRDI and FIRA.

Supporting Various Learning Environments 

Today, teaching styles allow students to learn through various mediums and activities. To support the latest methods of teaching, most Australian schools are now using classroom furniture that provides versatility and flexibility. This furniture is suitable for a range of different classes, from small group projects that require students to brainstorm or have group meetings, through to individual or intensive learning activities.

Mobile chairs and desks have castors and are ideal for classes that require groups to work together. The mobility enables students to easily come together as a group anywhere in the classroom, and, with a collaborative desk shape such as the trapezoidal desk, students are enabled to easily collaborate around one or several desks. In short, flexible, collaborative furniture allows easy group collaboration.

Made for a Purpose 

A student can sit on a chair for up to six to eight hours a day, so furniture must be durable and maintain consistent quality for years. Traditionally chairs and desks were made of timber such as pine or oak wood, but today, most chairs are made of high-quality polypropylene that can stand the test of time. The EN One chair is manufactured from glass-filled polypropylene, which gives it greater strength than any other classroom chair available. Some chairs and most Eduflex desks also have a powder-coated steel frame. The desk tops are made from laminated board. Laminex’s Compact Laminate has become a common substrate for desk tops.

Besides material composition, manufacturers are now very design-conscious. Leading manufacturers create chairs and desks with the student’s posture front of mind, but also emphasis strength and aesthetics as important features. Office Line not only makes sure that each piece is ergonomic, but also durable and great looking.

Use Modern Classroom Furniture

If you are looking for exceptional classroom furniture, Office Line is your one-stop shop. We stock a complete range of chairs, desks, soft furnishing and storage systems. Our range of chairs and desks includes STEM furniture that makes classroom group meetings quick and easy. If you are looking for classroom storage equipment, we stock the world-leading tote trolleys (change link to made by Gratnells.

We source our products from the world’s best brands and manufacturers to ensure we provide you with functional and ergonomic classroom furniture. If you need help in choosing the right products, call us on 1800 333 116 and we will assist with selecting the right furniture for your classroom.

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  • Amanda Firman