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The majority of educators would agree that one of the most important factors shaping a student’s education students’ outcomes relate to the relationship between student and educator. Even a teacher with limited resources is likely to elicit a positive response from their students if they have the requisite skill, knowledge, teaching style, and enthusiasm. Similarly, a student’s interest and willingness to engage will give a reasonably good indication of how she will progress in a given class.






But other variables also contribute to creating an optimal learning environment. In this blog, we present our range of EN stackable chairs and classroom IT chairs, weighing the relative merits of each, and discuss how they can be used to create your ideal classroom setting.






The Benefits of Stacking Chairs 

The most obvious benefit of stacking classroom chairs is their space efficiency, as they can be quickly stacked and put aside when not in use to create more floor space. They are also an exceedingly versatile seating option, as they offer the teacher greater flexibility in changing the layout of the room depending on the activity or size of the class.






The EN One Stacking Chair 

The En One is one of Office Line’s flagship products and has been our most popular classroom chair for years. The EN One is made from light and durable glass-filled polypropylene. Manufactured to meet exacting European standards and to stand up to the rigours of daily, long-term use, the EN One can be stacked 21 tall to a height of two metres. 






These chairs come in a variety of colours and are also available in Black ‘Eco’ variety using recycled materials, reducing the already small carbon footprint to make them exceptionally environmentally friendly. The EN One is covered by a 21-year warranty, the longest manufacturer warranty of any one-piece classroom chair on the market.






The EN Classic Chair 

The EN Classic Chair is ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort while encouraging attention. The EN classic body is made from in the UK polypropylene, making it 100% recyclable. A clever waterfall designed front improves circulation while sitting, and the chair can support up to 125kg in weight and angled back-legs discourage students tilting back while sitting. The EN Classic can be safely and securely stacked up to six high and comes with a 15-year warranty. Both the EN One and the EN Classic chairs are AFRDI certified and tested to Australian standards for Level 6 ‘severe’ contract use.






Our range includes a wide variety of other classroom chairs and furniture defined by simplicity, ergonomics, space efficiency, and value. Our catalogue features all the items you need to bring your classroom up to date and ensure your students are in the best possible position to learn.






EN 50 Computer Chair 

The EN 50 gas lift chair is a popular, high value choice for school computer labs. This chair features a rotating gas lift and is available with glides, castors, or pressure-locking Castors. This chair has a weight limit of 100kg and is available in 16 different colour options. The EN 50 comes with a 15-year manufacturer warranty.






Contact Office Line Today 

Office Line has been supplying Australian educators with a comprehensive range of premium classroom and office furniture for over thirty years. We also supply a high-quality range of hospitality and office furniture at competitive prices.






To learn more about our range of classroom chairs or for any guidance on your classroom setup and furnishings, contact us today by phone or email.



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