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Office Line was engaged by St John Bosco College for the final step of their latest building project Stage 4C, which was the selection and layouts of furniture for the new administration spaces, common student areas and the innovative learning space. This exciting project was all about creating a collaborative and functional environment that supported all students and staff in their daily activities.

The first step in designing the new spaces was to understand the requirements of both the staff and students. The administration spaces needed to be functional and space efficient with streamlined storage. Additionally, they need to be fun and inviting to stimulate interaction during meetings and to encourage discussions amongst the users of the space.

Employee well-being was one of the most important factors for consideration in this project. The staff room needed to be designed to be a multipurpose space with various seating options and zones for comfort, focus, and collaboration between colleagues.

Finally, the furniture for the student spaces needed to be creative, flexible, and functional. In this project, we prioritised keeping the design cohesive through the different spaces and including colours that promote focus and productivity.



To create a welcoming and professional environment in the administration area, we used the neutral, calming colours of Laminex ‘Calm Oak’ and ‘Polar White’ with accents of greens and blues. The Administration building used glass partitions to create private workspaces while still maintaining a collaborative atmosphere. This allowed natural light to flow through the space and created a sense of transparency and openness. We continued the flow between each office with matching storage and workstations while mixing colours of the Warwick Beachcomber fabric in a complementary palette of Cobalt, Forest, Atlantic, Teal, and Marine.

Our Okidoki Tables were selected for the staffroom in various heights and sizes to create the perfect mix of business and pleasure. Designed and made in Australia, the Okidoki family provides plenty of flexibility in its shapes and finishes, with a sleek rounded design and solid timber legs with contrasting aluminium details. With matching tops in Laminex ‘Milkwood’ that was continued throughout the room, the space felt open and cohesive. Teamed with the soft curving lines and luxurious comfort of the Oval Lounge and its modular configurations, the staff room cast off formalities and became a relaxing space!






In the student spaces, the focus shifted to creativity and flexibility. These areas included general learning classrooms, study nooks, and breakout spaces for students to interact and relax. To create an engaging and inspiring environment, we used bold blues and greens with a mixture of working heights, seating, and soft furnishings.

We included flexible furniture that could be easily moved and rearranged, such as mobile Eduflex Benches and height-adjustable tables. This allows students to adapt the space to their needs and work together in groups or individually. We also incorporated Adjusta Wobble Stools and ottomans to support modern learning methods and individual preferences.




In the breakout spaces, we created comfortable and inviting areas for students to relax and socialise. This included seating areas with extra-large cushions, foam-filled bean bags, individual laptop tables, and a large group I.AM D-End table designed for collaboration in the inbuilt curved seating. To add a touch of fun and playfulness, we incorporated differently shaped ottomans in various colours.

We loved working on this project with St John Bosco College to support their modern pedagogy by creating fun, engaging, and functional learning environments that support collaboration, teamwork, and individual growth for both students and staff.

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  • Karen Rodriguez