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Salvado Catholic College, a longstanding college in Perth, has been a partner of Office Line for a long time. The last furniture project we took was to revitalize their administrative area. The goal was to create a modern, functional workspace that reflected the college's identity.

The primary challenge was finding a solution that seamlessly integrated with existing furniture, maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. Additionally, the furniture and fabrics needed to withstand the high traffic of a school environment.

We brought a solution that embraced modern simplicity with clean lines and a sleek red and grey color palette. The renovation transformed several key areas.

Staff Room Oasis

The new staff room provides a comfortable and inviting space for staff to unwind and recharge. The interior have upholstered chairs in Flynn Flame fabrics from Warwick. This fabric is 

easy-to-clean and maintain. In the outside area, the Asti Stools in white combined with the I.AM Tables ensure both relaxation and durability and embracing the natural light coming from the celing and keeping the espace fresh and luminous. 



Empowering wellbeing in 8 Offices

Each office is designed to enhance productivity and well-being. The school chose an innovative Ovation Sit-Stand Desks, promoting flexibility and movement throughout the workday.

This type of desk paired with the Breeze Task Chair are available in each office, offering both ergonomic support and a stylish look that complements the modern aesthetic. Ample storage solutions, including Horizon Express Mobile pedestals, filing cabinets, and cupboards, ensure a clutter-free and organized workspace.



    Maximized Storage Solutions:
    The storage rooms have been optimised for efficient organization, maximising every inch of space. The focal point is the impressive Fortress Compactus system, delivering exceptional storage capacity for all the college's needs.



    Salvado Catholic College was thrilled with the customer service delivered by Office Line. The renovation resulted in a modern, functional, and comfortable workspace that embodies the college's identity.

    Things we loved about the project:

    • Modern aesthetic: Clean lines and a red and grey color scheme that create a contemporary feel.
    • Improved functionality: Each space is designed to optimise its purpose.
    • Enhanced ergonomics: Sit-stand desks and comfortable seating promoting employee well-being.
    • Increased storage capacity: Efficient storage solutions that maximise space utilisation.
    • Easy maintenance: Durable and easy-to-clean fabrics ensuring a long-lasting and low-maintenance environment.

    Office Line offers a comprehensive range of furniture soluctions. With over 20 years of industry experience, Office Line has become a leading provider of educational furniture for schools of all sizes.

    Looking to revamp your workspace?

    Contact Office Line today and discover how they can help you create a space that's modern, functional, comfortable, and reflects your company's identity.



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    • Karen Rodriguez