Our Projects: Salvado Catholic College


Salvado Catholic College have been a loyal customer of Office Line’s for many years. We are proud of the work we have done on learning area designs and layouts, and the manufacture of the educational furniture within the school. We have witnessed the growth of Salvado Catholic College from it’s opening in 2016 until now and feel privileged to be part of their journey.

We have worked closely with the leadership team to ensure each project is unique and tailored to the needs of a leading school in a fast-growing area, while also consistent with budget requirements. This includes planning learning areas efficiently and optimising furniture functionality and flexibility.

Our latest project involved the fit out for the new Secondary 2 Storey building, including:

  • General Learning Areas
  • An E-Learning Space
  • Student Workrooms
  • Breakout/Activity Spaces
  • Circulation Area
  • Digital Tech Room
  • Music Room
  • And Library/Resource Centres


General Learning Areas

The GLA’s were designed to be flexible learning areas so the spaces could be adapted to suit a variety of teaching and learning styles. It needed to prioritize space efficiency fitting 32 students in each GLA. Every teacher has a designated Horizon Sit Stand Desk to support ergonomics and wellness with the ability to move around the classroom and frequently change their posture with a range of seated and standing heights available through the gas lift adjustment.

Featured Products:

  • Eduflex Half moon Tables putting together to create small groups. Coasters were included to faciltate rearranging the classroom setting. 
2x GLA’s featured our:
  • NEW Eduflex Pento Table which are the perfect size for a single student while offering countless collaborative options when put together.


E-Learning Space

We created a study hub with different meeting zones that suit different ages and adapt to the different studying methodologies. The space was split in two zones. On one side there is the Junior Library and on the other side the Library for Senior students.


Student workrooms

Our main objective was to create a place where students could come to be productive and focussed. We designed a perfect learning environment by combining stylish seating and several smaller meeting tables which allow students to have a quiet place to be fully involved with their studies. 

Main Breakout/Activity space

At the beginning of a school day, this is the first area to be utilised by the students. It’s great to hear the hustle and bustle as this space is filled quickly, and the furniture used to it’s intended purpose: to create an engaging and comfortable area which attracts students, providing a friendly buzz at the beginning of each day and between classes. The zoned furniture layout also provides a great space for students to break out from their main class and engage in focused activity sessions with peers or mentors.



Circulation Space

We’ve used our Eduflex Curved Lounges with the Communicate Disc Base Table in the circulation area, to create a mirror of the stunning pendant lighting feature. The lounge seats are upholstered in Warwick Beachcomber Marine and the tabletops are Laminex Classic Oak with a Black ABS edge & base, a striking contrast.



Salvado Catholic College has created an innovative environment for learning, where students and teachers can collaborate and share ideas. Different classrooms are set up to best fit the different methods of learning being taught, so that each student can be successful and receive the best education. 

We believe in the importance of creative, innovative learning areas that inspire students to achieve their best. That's why we're proud to be part of a project like this one, which makes a difference for kids.

If you want to transfor a space, our experts are ready to assist you on the journey. give us a call 1800 333 116 or email us: info@officeline.com.au


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  • Karen Rodriguez