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Perth Modern School, a leading educational institution in Australia, sought to transform its common area into a vibrant and welcoming space that fostered collaborative learning and connection among students. Office Line partnered with the school to create a dynamic environment that reflected Aboriginal Australian culture and promoted the well-being of the school community.

Perth Modern School's original common space needed a renovation in order to provide a conducive environment for social interaction and teamwork. The school desired to create a space that inspired students, reflected Australian Aboriginal cultural identity, and provided them with the tools necessary to thrive in a modern educational setting.

Office Line worked closely with the Perth Modern School team to understand their specific needs and goals. Following a careful evaluation of the space and the school community's requirements, Office Line proposed a comprehensive solution that included:

  • Modern and Versatile Furniture: Six Pod Ottoman Settings featuring unique designs by Aboriginal artist Rosie Paine from the Learning Together and Learning at the River collections were installed. These flexible and inviting spaces allow students to work in groups, engage in collaborative activities, or simply relax and socialize.
  • Variety of Ottomans: Ottomans in various shapes and sizes, including circular, square, rectangular, and hexagonal, were incorporated. Each Ottoman boasts fabrics meticulously chosen by the school team in collaboration with Office Line, ensuring durability and resilience for high-traffic areas.
  • Round Tables: Round tables were added to encourage interaction and teamwork. These tables also serve as flexible spaces for activities outside the classroom, depending on the teachers' needs.

The transformation of Perth Modern School's common area has had a significantly positive impact on the school community:

  • Vibrant and Welcoming Space: The new design has created a stimulating and attractive environment that invites social interaction and collaborative learning.
  • Reflection of Aboriginal Culture: Rosie Paine's designs integrate Aboriginal Australian culture into the space, promoting a sense of identity and connection among students.
  • Enhanced Well-being: Comfortable and versatile furniture allows students to relax, socialize, and work together in a pleasant environment.
  • Client Satisfaction: The Perth Modern School team is extremely satisfied with the final outcome and the collaboration with Office Line.


The Perth Modern School project is a prime example of how Office Line works closely with educational institutions to create dynamic and functional learning spaces that inspire students and promote their success. The combination of modern furniture, culturally significant designs, and a client-centric approach has resulted in a transformative common area that benefits the entire school community.

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