Newman College Case Study


Newman College embraces creativity and innovation in their learning spaces and knows how important these environments are to the education, wellbeing and interactions of their students. That is why we, at Office Line, felt privileged to be able to support them in refurbishing their main learning Hub.

The St John Henry Newman Learning Hub is a key facility at Newman College, featuring a main open plan learning space, with breakout rooms, meeting areas and lecture theatre branching off. The three-story building provides modern collaboration spaces, and state of the art learning resources for students to work together and individually.

We worked as a team with other key stakeholders of the project such as Munns Sly Moore Architects, the principal and other key staff of Newman College to integrate the values, vision and educational needs of the school with the expertise of the architects.

Our range of products enabled us to provide the right furniture for each section of the Hub. For example, throughout the main learning space of the Hub, the use of Spectator Lounges is noticeable, curving around structural poles and providing maximum seating for students.


This product is professional and modern, sufficiently answering to design principles, and enabling the space to flow cohesively. They shadow the architectural design of the staircases and walkways throughout the building. The lounges also give opportunity to showcase the colours used throughout the whole Hub, in just one section.




Our extensive EN range supplied most of the Hub and its branches with chairs and stools which are both ergonomically and aesthetically appropriate. Due to the flexibility of this product, a variety of shapes and colours could be used, to distinguish each classroom, and allow for a mixture of learning environments. Paired with the EN chairs and stools, are Eduflex desks and benches, which are made so they can fit together to form the curved tables seen in the fly-through. In smaller Study Rooms, Asti Chairs were customized so they had a fabric cover, giving the room a professional feel.




Well done to Newman College and Munns Sly Moore for creating this awesome space. The project has produced an impressive fit out of the Hub, which is leading-edge in terms of educational facilities and learning spaces. As more and more schools move to this open-plan model, with a main learning space branching into specialized areas, our products continue to evolve and expand.


At Office Line, we believe in the importance of innovative learning areas which inspire students to achieve their best. Our products are trusted and professional. We look forward to working with both architects and schooling professionals to continue to provide for the next generation. 


If want to know more about this project, we invite you to visit the virtual tour of Newman College. 



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  • Jemimah Wallis