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Whether you're trying to organise a charity gala or a lecture, the seating plan of your auditorium space is going to be essential in its success. If you lack the right event and hospitality furniture to create a space that emphasises communication between your guests Office Line can offer you the perfect mobile seating solutions for your event.

Today our blog will be covering the different range of seating and furniture options to consider when planning an array of events in your space. 


Auditorium Events

Auditorium events that are largely audience focused, like plays, movie showings or any other dramatic productions all require a large amount of seating to fit as many viewers as needed to keep up with your events demand. 

If this space is purely for these types of events, then a more permanent seating option could become a worthwhile investment for your space. But if your auditorium has other priorities, for example if it’s in a school that’s used for an array of events like sports and meetings then a portable and compact seating option is going to be the most cost and space effective option. 

Our Flow Beam Chairs have a robust and sturdy frame, making them a durable option for your auditorium's seating arrangement. With the option to order these in groups of two to four seats and adaptable arm feature options these chairs are perfect for large seating demands that can be stacked and put away when not in use.  


Classroom and Lecture Events

Classroom and lectures require this similar styled seating that can be easily put away. For these seating options you’ll want to try and find a chair that has the ability to hold a movable desk for note taking. 

Another key furnishing to add to this space is of course a lecture stand; this is especially important in large auditoriums that swallow any sounds in their large space. Our Lectrum L2001 has been designed purely for the use of large conferences and lecture events. With a built in document shield, dual microphone, reading light and a premium high-finish coat the Lectrum L2001 is by far the most essential furnishing needed in any lecture auditorium. 


Banquet Events

If you have a large auditorium that is used for a range of hospitality and compassionate events, not only is it important to consider the right seating choice, but to choose the right tables. 

It’s critical to think about the storage needs of these tables so your space can easily be moved around and used for other events in short notice. This is where our MityLite Round Banquet Tables become the perfect solution. These tables come in a range of sizes and can reduce the amount of time spent on setting up and packing away tables for events. With a specifically built storage cart you can easily fold up the legs and roll them all up onto these storage trolleys to be ready for the next hired event. 


Cocktail and Event Seating

Cocktail or gala events are usually set up in a different manner to most other functions, with stools or no chairs; these events help to promote socialising and movement among their attendees. These charity balls and cocktail business events may at times have a dance floor, depending on the individual's requirements. 

Our SICO Dance Floor - Cam-Lam is perfect not only for environments that promote socialisation but can be used in a range of other events, making it a worthwhile purchase for your space. This specific model comes in many styles to suit your event space perfectly. It can also be packed and carted away to save your employees a significant time in set up and avoid any possible injuries. 


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