4 Characteristics of Effective STEM Classroom Design



An effective STEM classroom cultivates a positive culture that is conducive to learning. When designing a STEM classroom, the goal is to create an environment that inspires students to be creative and collaborative. One way of designing a STEM classroom is to add adaptable and functional classroom furniture. These can work as key tools to prompt students to think out of the box.

Here are four characteristics of effective STEM classroom design that you can implement:


In addition to other subjects, a STEM classroom should cater mainly to science, technology, engineering and math classes. In one class, the room is set up for a formal lecture, however, the next class requires a setting to accommodate group science experiments. Making the classroom flexible for these activities starts with using the right chairs and desks.

Classroom furniture that’s lightweight and durable makes it easy for students to rearrange the space, as necessary. It also gives them the freedom to customise their workspace in the classroom. For instance, the Eduflex Collaborative Trapezoidal shaped tables with height adjustable frames and castors, and EN Gas Lift Swivel Chairs are suitable for all activities. Both tables and chairs can easily be moved, and the tables configured to accommodate individual activities or group discussions and brainstorming sessions. The height adjustment suits a range of ages, making the room flexible and versatile.


With mobile chairs and tables, the classroom can have a different layout each day or even for each class.  The goal of using mobile classroom furniture is to allow students to make their own creative learning space that increases comfort and encourages interaction with each other.

Aside from chairs and tables, STEM classrooms can also have mobile whiteboards and storage units. It’s difficult for multiple groups to huddle around one or two whiteboards in the classroom. Using mobile whiteboards allows students to transfer them to their preferred space so that they can easily focus as one group without having other groups standing behind them. Whiteboard surfaced tables are also an excellent option as this allows groups to work closely together with their notes on a central surface.

Technology Integration

Many STEM classrooms are driven by the use of technology. Tablets and laptops help students collaborate, research and design solutions as a team. The more that classes rely on electronic technology, the more that students need accessible power sources. STEM classrooms should have in-bench power sources such as the Pluto On Desk Power Dome and charging stations that provide secure storage like the Gratnells Power Trays and Trolley. Integrating these sources of power makes the classroom more adaptable to the use of technology.


In order to have a conducive environment for learning, the classroom must be organized. Efficient classroom storage units such as the Flexistack ™ tray storage units, are one of the most effective tools to use when organising educational materials in a STEM classroom. They are the ideal storage solution for books, art supplies, science equipment and more. The storage trays can also be used to keep students’ worksheets in an organised manner. The trays can be labeled with the last name of the students arranged in alphabetical order for them to easily find their work when classes resume.

Update Your Classroom Furniture

At Office Line, we have a comprehensive range of STEM furniture that suits modern classrooms. From functional storage trays to collaborative student desks, we have the right classroom furniture that will help you facilitate collaboration among students and prompt different ways of thinking. Our line of STEM furniture is designed to balance comfort and function while maximising your learning space.

We ensure that our products are tested and accredited by industry experts. If you need help in choosing the right STEM furniture for your classroom, give us a call on 1800 333 116. 

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  • Alby Trewarn