Gratnells A4 Trays + Containers

Product Description

Our international award-winning trays are BSI tested and passed for heavy educational use. And even though they are built to last they are all fully recyclable too. Versatile organising system for all your storage requirements.


  • Nesting or stacking (by reversing)
  • Flat bottom for easy cleaning
  • Wall thickness of 2.4mm for heavy school use
  • Flange 12mm for maximum tray support on side runners
  • 11 reinforcing ribs to prevent squeezing and falling through when heavily loaded
  • Ribs on base to minimise friction on work surfaces when removed from cabinets
  • Side stops at front, prevent tray being pushed through
  • Clip on lids are designed to enable trays with lids fitted to still be used in cabinets
  • Tray Inserts are available for Shallow Trays Model T1
  • Trays can be fitted to the underside of tables using runners.
  • Recyclable materials used
  • 10 year warranty

All colours are available, with large quantities of the 5 Standard colours in stock


312w x 427d                                                                                               


  • Shallow Tray         75mm
  • Deep Tray           150mm
  • Extra Deep Tray  225mm
  • Jumbo Tray         300mm


    Suitable for any space and many types of products – particularly liked in education and offices
      Tray Colour