Ultimate N Storage Collection | One Shelf Unit

Product Description

The Ultimate N Storage Collection is a versatile, flexible solution to your storage needs. This two shelves unit is easy to move thanks to their castors, allowing you to push them anywhere you need. The design makes it a flexible solution in any learning environment. Each unit has 2 spaces and you can choose if full or half back panel. 


  • Castors to facilitate mobility 
  • Perfect for storage and teaching children to keep the classroom organized. 
  • Suitable for libraries and flexible learning spaces


  • Height: 62.2 cm 
  • One shelf Unit
  • Variants: Full or Half back panel 
  • 4 different dimensions:                                                                                             69.3 cm x 45 cm | 103 cm x 45 cm |  120 cm x 45 cm | 136.8 cm x 45 cm 


    Back Panel