Ultimate N Storage Collection | Curve Shelves Unit

Product Description

The Ultimate N Storage Collection features a curved design that maximizes the storage capacity, without sacrificing an open, flexible and versatile environment in the classroom.  Each unit comes with one, two or three shelves and is able to fit toys, books, blocks, and so on. 


  • One, Two or Three shelves to fit toys, books, paint, and so on.
  • Castors to facilitate mobility
  • Perfect for storage and teaching children to keep the classroom organized.
  • Suitable for libraries and flexible learning spaces


  • 3 Height options: 
    • No Shelf: 36.7 cm
    • 1 Shelves: 62.2 cm
    • 2 Shelves: 87.7 cm
  • Dimensions: 
    • 1/8 Circle: 55.7cm x 55.7 cm
    • Corner: 52.5 cm x 52.5 cm
    • 1/4 circle: 82.5 cm x 82.5 cm