Pod Ottoman Set

Product Description
Our Pod Ottoman Set is an innovative and versatile addition to your open spaces and meeting areas. Beautifully crafted and functional, this unique furniture set can be customized to your fabric and colour preferences, bringing a touch of style and comfort to your setting.
Composed of 5 individual pieces, the Pod Ottoman Set can close into a full circle, providing a unified and cosy communal space, or it can be separated to accommodate individual seating, adapting to your environment's needs.



  1. Versatile Configuration: This set comprises 5 individual pieces, which close into a full circle or can be separated for flexibility and adaptability to different spaces.

  2. Customizable: Tailor-made to fit your style. Choose your preferred fabric and colour to match your interior design needs.

  3. High-Quality Construction: Our Pod Ottoman Set features a sturdy timber frame construction, ensuring longevity and structural integrity.

  4. Comfortable Padding: Each piece is fitted with durable foam padding, offering excellent comfort for extended use.

  5. Collaborative Design: It's an ideal solution for collaborative learning and gatherings, encouraging interaction and conversation.


  • Overall Diameter: The complete set measures 1500mm in diameter, providing ample space for individuals to sit and collaborate.

  • Height: Each piece has a height of 430mm, offering a comfortable seating height for most individuals.

  • Warranty: We back our Pod Ottoman Set with a 5-Year Warranty for your peace of mind, underscoring our confidence in its durability and construction.

  • Country of Origin: Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, supporting local industries and craftsmanship.