Now Desk

Product Description

Transform your workspace into a hub of productivity with the Now Desk - a sleek and functional solution designed to enhance your working environment. Crafted for optimum efficiency, this desk combines modern aesthetics with practical features to create an ideal setting for focused work.


  1. Deep 750mm Top: Provides ample workspace for a clutter-free and organized setup.
  2. Scalloped Top for Easy Wire Management: Say goodbye to cable chaos with a thoughtfully designed scallop for seamless wire organization.
  3. Recessed Intermediate Leg for Full Leg Access: Enjoy uninterrupted legroom even in long runs of workstations, fostering comfort throughout your workday.
  4. 60mm x 45mm Bevelled Edge Loop Leg: The premium finish of the loop leg adds a touch of sophistication to each workstation, creating a polished look for your office space.
  5. Double Support Rail for Extra Strength: Engineered for durability, the double support rail ensures stability and longevity, making the Now Desk a reliable investment.
  6. E0 Enviroboard: Prioritizing sustainability, the E0 Enviroboard construction reflects our commitment to eco-friendly practices, ensuring your workspace aligns with environmental responsibility.


  • Top Depth: 750mm
  • Frame Options: Black or White, allowing you to customize your desk to match your aesthetic preferences.
  • Top Finish Options: Choose between classic White or timeless Oak tops to complement your office decor.
  • Leg Design: Bevelled Edge Loop Leg with a recessed intermediate leg for enhanced aesthetics and functionality.
  • Material: E0 Enviroboard, promoting sustainability without compromising on quality.
Frame Colour
Top Colour