EN One Linking Clip

Product Description

The EN One chair has an optional innovative linking clip, which cleverly fits onto the underside of the chair. Then easily links with the chair next to it, giving the user a secure seating arrangement. Perfect for assemblies, auditoriums and multi-use spaces as they can stack 21x high within a 2m height when not in use. 

  • Linking Clip for EN One (430h or 460h only)
  • Innovative design that fits the underside of the chair
  • Creates secure seating arrangements by easily linking with the next chair
  • A space efficient linking chair, that can stack up to 21 chairs within a 2 metre height when not in use
    • Linking Clip available in Black, Night Grey, Royal Blue and Sky Blue 
    • EN One available in Banana Yellow, Lime Green, Mandarin Orange, Cherry Red, Velvet Purple, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Night Grey, Pure White, Black