Furniture for Collaborative Spaces

Acquiring furnishings for your library, STEM learning spaces and accessories for your digital learning tools can be difficult if you have to go from one supplier to another. At Office Line, we strive to be a one-stop shop for educational furnishing and accessories.

Whether it’s furnishing a library, a STEM learning space or a collaborative learning space at an office, each piece is designed to offer great utility and comfort. Everything from the soft seating to the library tables, study carrels and charging stations are durable, comfortable and easy to use.

Comfortable and Quiet

Comfort is vital when furnishing a library. Not only is it a source of information, but also a space where learners can contemplate and repose. Library furniture must allow learners to sit as comfortably as possible, as poor posture and sitting positions can impair their attention span and thought process.

Office Line’s extensive collection of modular seating, tables and storage equipment are all made to a high standard. Our pieces offer ease of use and comfort and some tables and soft furnishings are wheeled to reduce noise and avoid creating a disturbance.

STEM Furniture

As more STEM and STEAM programs are introduced to the school curriculum, the need for furniture that supports this form of learning grows. Office Line has a large collection of STEM furniture that enables more collaboration and engagement between students, prompting novel ways of thinking and learning.

As STEM learners can be listening to a lecturer one moment then need to form teams to perform a task the next, their furniture must be highly configurable without sacrificing comfort. We provide a wide range of tables, chairs, tablet stands, shelving and more furnishings that are easily configurable to different seating configurations.

Technology and Accessories

As educators leverage technology to encourage innovation and spur digital creativity, organisations and learning institutions transform their traditional classrooms into more collaborative learning spaces. To meet this growing need, Office Line brings hi-tech accessories to power digital tablets for these upgraded learning spaces.

For your library, STEM classes, office learning centres or other collaborative learning spaces, Office Line provides the needed technology and accessories to integrate new learning tools to the learning process.

Why Choose Office Line?

Since 1988, Office Line has assisted clients in creating comfortable learning spaces—be they classrooms, libraries or collaborative learning spaces, all within budget. We are a family-owned business and a leading supplier of furnishings, carrying only high quality, environmentally-friendly and durable brands.

Office Line keeps many pieces in stock to fulfil large orders on short notice. If you want a specific piece that isn’t part of our catalogue, we will get it for you at a reasonable price. 

For your collaborative learning space, office learning centre or library, our team will work with you on-site to plan the layout, maximise your space, and suggest the right products. Once you approve our fully-costed proposal, we can source and install your furniture.

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Furniture for Collaborative Spaces

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