SICO Dance Floor - Cam-Lam

Product Description

Portable dance floor with a maintenance-free , high grade laminate surface and positive Cam-Lock connecting system

1220 x 1220 Square panel weighs 20kgs
High grade laminate surface resists chipping, scratching and fading
High strength, low density balsa wood is sandwiched between tempered hardboard, vinyl backer and high grade laminate to provide a unique and lightweight design
Panel edge protected by strong aluminium trim for maximum durability
Larger individual panels with Cam-Lock system dramatically reduce setup time
Cam-Lock system automatically aligns panels and trim pieces together for a secure fit
Visi-Trim edging is 127mm wide and provides a modest 11 degrees slope to floor allowing patrons to safely to and from under different lighting situations

Dance Floor – Northern Birch, Cherry Rose, Amber Cherry, Black or White
Trim – Black, Silver or Gold

Certification and Warranty
3 Year Warranty on components and 10 Year warranty on Cam-Lock mechanism