FUYL Tower Charging Locker

Product Description

The FUYL Tower takes device charging and security to the next level. It’s an intelligent station with 15 individually lockable compartments that can store and charge any mobile device.  Suitable for secondary, tertiary and TAFE environments.

  • Charge anything. Laptops, tablets, iPads, phones and more
  • 15 individually lockable compartments-can store 2 devices per compartment
  • Remote access
  • Multi level security
  • Set Up and Manage Access to individual bays or full Towers
  • Securely charge and store devices so they are always ready to use
  • Check In/Out System-Fuyl Tower can track who has taken a specific device and white is has been returned. Employees, students or guests can check out devices as needed with pre-approved access 
  • Devices can be shared with pre-set access to limit who is able to access specific devices
  • Public Mode opens the tower to be available to offer secure charging on demand to anyone
  • Easy to use digital locking system-Keypad or RFID
  • Future proofed
  • Lifetime Warranty
    • O/A Width: 523mm
    • O/A Depth: 478mm
    • O/A Height: 1696mm
    • Internal Slot:
    • Width: 365mm
    • Depth: 438mm
    • Height: 73mm
    • Warranty: Lifetime