New Indigenous Textiles Collection created By Rosie Made.

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Office Line have been working with Rosie Paine, the artist behind Rosie Made, to create our new Australian Indigenous fabric collection inspired by the landscape and colours of Western Australia. Each pattern in the collection has a special meaning and tells a story that represents Western Australia’s local Aboriginal culture.


Rosie Made was created by Rosie Paine, a Yilka artist from Cosmo Newberry, an Aboriginal community in the north-eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. Rosie is a proud Noongar and Yamatji woman. Read more about: Yamatji women and Noongar women. She is a talented artist and has been creating art for many years. She is also an advocate for indigenous culture and has shown her work at different events across Australia.


What led to the creation of this collection was a desire to preserve and showcase Western Australia Aboriginal art and culture. Traditional textiles are an important part of Indigenous Australian culture, It is important that we preserve Aboriginal art because it is such an integral part of history: it is often used to tell stories about their past or present, it also tells us about how past generation learnt and grew together, as well as how they lived in harmony with Country.


Traditional Patterns of Australia’s aboriginal/indigenous and Torres Strait Island People 1


Traditional Patterns of Australia’s aboriginal/indigenous and Torres Strait Island People

The designs are categorized in 2 collections that are inspired by the traditional patterns of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people. Bilya-k kadadjiny (Learning at the River) illustrates the importance of water in many Aboriginal cultures throughout Western Australia. And Dandjoo Kadadjiny (Learning Together) expresses the importance of connection and relationships between young and old in the process of learning and growing together.


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 Western Australia Indigenous Fabric Range.