Spectator Collection Bench Setting

Product Description

This adaptable, modular seating creates a space to watch, listen, learn and reflect. The Spectator Collection is a casual, interactive space where you can gather and share ideas or relax quietly with the many different configurations it can form. 

  • NEW Angled Back Design for more comfort
  • Curved and Straight High Back Lounges
  • Mobile 
  • Adaptable configurations to suit any space
  • Inner High Back Lounge Sections with Wrap Around Shelving/Bookcases
  • Curved Units- 45° segments standard 
  • Straight Units-2 Seater
  • Australian Made
  • Perfect for all educational, library or corporate breakout areas
  • Available with Bookcases instead of Benching- Spectator Collection Bookcase Setting 
    Specifications (mm)
    • Download 'Product Details' for full collection and dimensions
    • Curved 45° Lounge Segment:  
    • O/A Width: 540-1020mm
    • End Depth: 650mm
    • Seat Height: 450mm
    • O/A Height: 900mm
    • Curved 45° Bench:
    • O/A Width: 1450mm
    • End Depth: 550mm
    • O/A Height: 900mm 
    • Inner Radius: 1350mm
    • Outer Radius: 1900mm
    • Straight Lounge Segment:
    • O/A Width: 1200mm
    • O/A Depth: 650mm
    • Seat Height: 450mm
    • O/A Height: 900mm
    • Straight Bench:
    • O/A Width: 1200mm
    • End Depth: 550mm
    • O/A Height: 900mm
    • Warranty: Lounges-5 Years, Bookcase-10 Years
    • Made in Australia


    Bench Top Colour